# Dr. Yamina Pressler **SOIL SCIENTIST • EDUCATOR • ARTIST • WRITER** ![Yamina|400](https://www.dropbox.com/s/hip6sbz3hmkzip5/Headshot-pink.png?raw=1) ## a little about me I have a deep fascination for soils as natural wonders. I study the organisms that inhabit soils in coastal California and work towards collective soil conservation and care. Everything I do as a scientist, educator, and creative celebrates soils in an effort to increase our connection to them. **If we want to stop treating soils like dirt, we first need to develop the eyes to see them.** I invite everyone to learn how to see and experience the soils that make up the world around us. I am an **Assistant Professor of Soil Science and Restoration Ecology** at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where I lead the [[Coastal Soil Horizons & Ecology Lab (C-SHEL)]]. I received a **Ph.D. in Ecology** from Colorado State University, and **B.S. in Environmental Management** from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I was a **Postdoctoral Research Associate** at Texas A&M University, prior to joining the faculty at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2019. ## welcome to my shared learning space I want my website to be more than a static CV. I am creating a living representation of my work, writing, curiosity, and learning. There's lots to explore here. **Here are a few places you can start:** - learn more about our research group [[Coastal Soil Horizons & Ecology Lab (C-SHEL)]] - review the [[courses I teach]] - I share course materials here - learn more about [[who I am as an artist]] - explore my [[learn about soil|writing about soil]] and [[career resources]] **If you'd like to receive semi-regular updates of my writing and soil science communication efforts by email, subscribe below!** <iframe scrolling="no" style="width:100%!important;height:220px;border:1px #ccc solid !important" src="https://buttondown.email/wonderofsoil?as_embed=true" ></iframe> *All photos and artwork on this site are mine unless otherwise stated.* [**enter C-SHEL portal**](https://publish.obsidian.md/cshel/Homepage)