Soils support a perplexing about of biodiversity belowground. To celebrate this incredible diversity and share my love for soil organisms with the world, I have designed a series of soil ecology stickers. Stickers are a great outreach tool for soil scientists, science communicators, and educators. My aim in creating these stickers is to raise awareness of soil biodiversity, build community and raise funds for the soil ecology society, and, of course, bring a smile to your face. I hope these stickers serve as a conversation starter about the importance of soil biodiversity! Enjoy!

Proceeds will be donated to the Soil Ecology Society

Stickers designed by Yamina Pressler
Original soil organism illustrations by Christina Pressler
Check out her other original artwork at Tina Pressler Studio






All stickers are $2.00 each plus shipping
Discounts available for larger orders

To order stickers, please fill in the form below. When I receive your order, I will email you the final cost, payment directions (PayPal or Venmo options available) and additional information.

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Other Soil Organisms
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